January 17, 2010

antiquing frenzy!

the next couple posts were all planned out.. but i'm going to jump the game and tell you what an exciting time we ( my mom, mother in law & me) had antiquing yesterday!

since there is so much to say and show i'll get right into it!

this was the first place we went
(and i'm holding the little bench that i have great plans for.. to be shown later)

my two mothers - at the secound antique mall we went to

just loved this window.. but it was "display only"!
i mean really?! who does that? put their best thing "display only!"

some things about antiquing scare the crap out of me.. like antique toys.. who would let their kid play with these.. i was creepin just takin the picture!

the old photos.. they are always a little creepy too!

but this bench.. now this is cute! and $5! yay! i have plans for it.. but i'll have to show you all that later - after all i did just get it yesterday!

sheet music is always a good find! these two i got for 50 cents

i really liked this sheet - i plan on making 4 tags of them.

this was the find of the day! i'm soo excited about using this!

my plan as of now is - maybe line the bottom with old sheet music.. thought that would look super cool!
what i'm going to use it for was hold very small scrap items
like brads, mini screws, findings, pins.. you know that kind of thing.. it will be super easy access!
the best part was it was $3.!

these i have planned for a double layout and for a buck each - thought it would be worth it!

this lace will be awsome.. with something - not sure yet but.. its gunna be great whatever it is!

up close on pink

up close on cream..

this now this is sooo exciting and got for only $12.. thought that was a pretty good deal!!

can you see them in the wrappings?

how about now? there are 6 altogether

this one is my favorite!

but how awomse is this one!

large raindrops

small to large rain drops..
i'm thinking i'm going to make some type of chandiler/ mobil out of them
any ideas?

this i acctually got a while back
it was tan with gold accents - so of course that had to go - i spray painted it silver and hand painted the green, black white and glitter accents

this was a $2. goodwill find that still had the target wrapping on it there was a big chip in the upper left corner so i covered it up with a little something something..

this is what i'm doing with them the little shelf is for my doodlebug velvet and stickles the silver shelf for a newly finished mini book - which right now happenes to be the givaway mini!

this plate rack was erics idea to hold some extra books
so i painted it black and lovein havin the extra book storage!

so there ya go! most all my new stuff, firniture and projects - there are 2 things i didn't show ya'll have to wait for those

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  1. Great finds at the antique shops! Can't wait to go with you next time! :)

    I also can't wait to see what you do with the bench. But ooh...isn't Eric a genius with the extra book storage?!! How cool is that? You always see plate hangers at goodwill for like 2 bucks--so whenever you need to display/store more...you can!

    Spray paint fixes everything. ;)