January 20, 2010

the little bench

remember that little $5. bench i found antiquing this past weekend?
well she's had a little transformation.. this is her story..

first things first she needed a polish
then i painted her belly & legs black

then with my newly purchased hot glue gun, glue of course, tack nails and unpolstry nails

i applied batting on the top - hot glued and tacked down

once she was covered in batting i cut the fabric (which was a scrap left over from making my curtains) applied it over the batting and finished the edges with the newly purchased antique lace and unpolstery nails

isn't she pretty.. and to think she's just to rest my feet on.. so sweet a bench for such a job!


  1. That looks like a mozart perch ot me....lol. Cute!!

  2. yes! that is my exact fear! :)