May 13, 2011

making my own bouquet

one thing was decided right off i wanted a DIY wedding! And i'm so glad i stuck it out (although at times is was quite a lot of work) i put my heart and soul into everything and what a memory creating our perfect day!

What i wasn't prepared for and what i would mention to every bride to be is how emotionally draining it can be! even more so then what you might think or are prepared for.

recommendation #1. Know Your Limits 
for me i discovered it was - making my own bouquet 

over and over i was picturing myself walking down the isle... as i assembled and rearranged all the flowers.. then i'd poke my finger with a pin and i was already on the verge of tears.. it was emotional to say the least. however, i had a lot of back up and the best family and maid of honor support system. i talked it out and continued with what i knew i wanted - silk flowers that would last forever! 

my bouquet

 my 3 brothers walking me down the isle

 all barefoot

 me smiling

 the same pistachio silk i used on my flower, bolero, and bouquet

 announcing us as man and wife

 so happy

 we're married!

my bouquet has a forever place in my heart with all its memories it carries of our day and found its permanent home on my night stand

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  1. First of all I have to say what an incredibly fantantastic light there is in all of the pics from the beach, just out of this world! and then your hair! so pretty with the loose curls. You sure were an unusally colourful bride but then again that's you in a nutshell. What a fabulous idea to use silk flowers, absolutely brilliant!! the bouquet is also very "you". How proud your brothers must have been walking you down the "isle", they all look really cute too *giggle*. xxx