May 2, 2011

playing dress up

once my dress was purchased some personalization was "required" which called for a 
"fooling around with the dress play date" with mom! 

this was our play date!
 the dress

  for sure there was going to be a bow.. but what color? and style?


 contrast with some emerald/leprechaun green & lime?  

 mom tying up the corset

 pistachio under corset

 or pistachio "strings" 

 starting to think my hair should be loose and curly pulled to one side

 mommy and me

 engagement ring (classic Tiffany 1 carat) 

shoes (ok i know i said i'm not a bow person.. but hey these are freakin cute!)

oh and i decided to make a ballaro jacket

 my next post i'll show you how i made this (i made the pattern and everything!)


  1. Aaaah, but what did you end up doing with the dress?! leaving it as it was? and did you wear those cute cute shoes? the jacket is D-I-V-I-N-E!! ooxx

  2. oh sweet eila - breath deep and come back friday & monday i continue to talk about what i do with the dress then (and how i made the jacket!) thanks by the way.. i thought it turned out pretty good!