May 22, 2011

wedding scrap supplies

this is all the embellishments! i laid them all out to get a better idea of what i had.. so i thought i would share with you all my wedding supply purchases over the passed couple months in preparation of creating our wedding album! 
oh and get comfy ~ maybe pore a nice glass of wine cause this is the longest post i've ever created!

 mr. fluffy here was not purchased for our wedding album however he does like to consider himself a large contribution to whatever topic is at hand..

 these are leftover fabric scraps from all the DIY projects - like my ballero and flower, the table clothes and so on.. these should be fun to incorporate into the album somehow

 this is a super BAD picture {sorry}.. but it is of the leftover silk flowers i used in the wedding bouquets - plan on incorporating  them somehow

 super stocked about this "spritz board"! it was the only one left and was on sale for just a couple bucks! 

all the stickers i've contained to one turn table as to not be too temped to use on other projects and layouts.. however some of it might be.. its just so dang yummy!!

these are my stickers, rub-ons and such

 my mother in law got this sticker pack for me - cause the bridge is JUST LIKE the isle i walked down - which was soooo long they had to play my song twice!

ok, so that about sums up the embellishments... prob need a little more don't you think? :)

now for die-cuts and paper!

Collage pack containing 15 pages of Vintage St. Patrick's themed images, including images of authentic Vintage St. Patrick's Day Greeting Cards by Tweety Jill 
this cost a small fortune! but it's going to be totally worth it in the end!! they are gorgeous!
check it out here

"curio" from Basic Grey

didn't really get all of this.. but i wanted to include it in this post to remind myself that some of it would really work in the with the album very well! 

check out those "pops" they are stunning!

the alpha stickers are a must and those stamps.. can i hear you running out the door... or opening another page to order them! oh yes!! they are gorgeous!
 embellishments from here

prob wouldn't use to much of this in the wedding book.. but ya know..
die-cuts sold here

some of the papers in here are the most gorgeous of all the papers i've gotten for the album!
 paper pack from here

 st. patrick's day tags by best creations inc. how perfect are these!! yes!
from here

best creations inc. paper from here
 all the above beat creations papers i bought several each.. after all these were the most fantastic st.patricks day papers i could find!

oh and here's some more i bought! 
this one will be used for the reception.. i already know what picture!!

the following are the rest of the collection (same as above) but my local store didn't carry - so i'm planning to order online - cause i LOVE it sooooo much! 
yummy stickers!
i mean seriously!! can it get any better?!

i think i'm foaming at the mouth!

this would be the perfect sheet to journal and scrap about all the special song/music of our big day

this is just a plan and simple must have!


  1. Now, wait a minute. What is there in your post that strikes me the most hmmmmm can it possibly be ... nah! or perhaps ..... naw! .... Hey, you call your blog "Colorful Scrapbooker" and the colour wheel has ALL the colours in the whole wide world, right? what do you choose? green! green! some more green! and add the final touch in ... green! well, green is just like red or orange, an accent colour that works so brilliantly next to or with other colours. When it's used as main, accent and only colour, it tends to be more of a vegetable patch. Sorry for being so naughty about it, but seriously Rebekah this obsession with green could really benefit from being mixed up with some kits from The Nook and I am so PROUD that you actually have signed up for them!! WAY TO GO Mrs Krueger, I am totally confident we'll be seing the real colourful you creating and expressing yourself more freely when you have so many more colours to play with!!! I cannot wait to see your first LO using your first kit from The Nook! xoxoxoxo

  2. OUCH! well, all these supplies are for our wedding album and our wedding was on st. pattys day and the main color was green! true i love green but i think i do use a lot of colors when crafting (see my labels in my side bar which show different colors) however, using a kit would help me a little branch out - and the same goes with using challenge boards.. they give a perspective i wouldn't normally have! so its all a step in the right direction! thanks for the "real" words.. they inspire me to be more colorful and i like that about you - you say it like it is!

  3. Okay to dress in green is my least favourite, butr when it comes to scrapping Its one of my favourite colours I can't wait to see this album when it comes together its going to look stunning with this many gorgeous products.