May 26, 2011

PUBLISHED!!... for real!

just got done vacuuming when i saw the mail person pull up then drive away again.. so i walked out to the end of the driveway opened the mail box - wow it was full! started sorting through some bills, junk... walk walking back towards the house... then dropped everything!! all i was holding was the new cricut magazine

 ...i knew.. knew i had to be in there... slowly i opened the cover... then faster and faster i flipped pages.. i need the index.. index.. wheres the index? i needed to find the page(s) of the home decor section! 
there it is page 54 

i could'nt get to p.54 fast enough!!

and there are my canisters right there on the front page of the 
home decor section!!
{check out the original post and how i made them here}

i teared up.. wow!! can't believe it really happened i'm published!! 
can't stop shaking i'm soo exited!! super HUGE smily face :)


  1. TOOOT TOOOT Rebekah!! awesome awesome stuff CONGRATS big time!! l-o-v-e the canisters, so vibrant and cheerful! how cute are the little forks on the labels! aweeee! xxoxo

  2. Wow, how funny saw your post my Cricut just arrived today, sooo excited will have to check back for some ideas.

  3. omg girl, that is amazing! congratulations to you!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!