May 11, 2011

good sale + cute stuff = supplies

this was an excellent month of sales! so a little stocking up was in order! 

 all of which were only $1. each!
excluding the K pack of cards - they were a gift

 super excited about the spritz board - i got the last box!
leaf stamps were also $1! 
and the circus cupcake wrappers.. well i just couldn't help it! 
plan on using those real soon!

 these sewing patterns i got in a little vintage shop for $3. each and have already made one (which used on my recent road trip with ma) and am planning to work on a whole set!

 these vintage buttons i just couldn't live without! they were $3 for all 5 
not really cheep.. but really? look at them! they're gorgeous!

 two box sets of cards, k & company stamps and a border punch

 border punch was $3.99

 k & company stamps (which i ended up giving away.. so i plan on going back and getting myself some :)

12x12 stack of chipboard letters, & shapes. one sheet of chipboard for one letter. oh and it was $4.
 this will last a literal  life time!

 this is some random fun stuff i got at biglots. the most expensive thing i got was $3. 

 yay!! most of this i'm planning on using in our honeymoon album with the exception of those pretty pearl brads those are for the wedding album (the green and white ones at least)

 basic grey ribbons

 and thickers!!

yep $2. each - yay!

of course the spending was completely justified not only by the great sales but by the fact i now have more pictures (wedding, honeymoon... etc.) then ever to scrap!! maybe may will be just as lucky in finds!


  1. Hey girl,
    Love your stash here, esp those vintage buttons! They'll be pretty in your wedding/honeymoon album. Still lovin' that photo of you guys on the beach!!!!! xOxO

  2. Lucky you indeed!! just L-O-V-E those buttons, they are totally divine!! If I had a store like that in my neighbourhood, we would have to buy ourselves a house that's for sure! I hoard and hoard pretty stuff and have angst departing from the lovelies! silly me! xxx