May 25, 2011

the color room

in a previous post i mentioned a layout i redid 3 times.. well, this is it...
this week's palette #59

 the prob: trying to hard {plus these colors aren't my fav}
the solution: kept it simple then called it quits

 lovein this sand detail
you just "paint" it on and let it dry! amazing!

what do you think?? turn out ok?


  1. look ma no green!

  2. He he that's the beauty of these colour challenges; one gets seriously pushed out of ones comfort zone. Sometimes screaming and kicking, other times it's not too bad. I'm surprised you aren't using misting, Gesso and/or acrylic paint already, such fabulous mediums and just p-e-r-f-e-c-t for an artistic gal like yourself Bekah! adds a great dimension to background work, which is key to obtaining depth in a scrapped layout together with layers. I've seen the titans repeating it umpteen times; use layers and then some more layers ladies! Oh man! was I totally gobsmacked getting home yesterday! DH had been to pick up a package, it was raining buckets so he had protected it under his jacket. OMG Bekah, it was from YOU! I totally love the handwritten letter, and the content of the package is just like X-mas all over - THANK YOU infinitely for your kind generosity!! Have to pull out everything again when I get home from work and have a serious look at EVERYTHING. Meanwhile I make a happy dance to myself!! YAY YAY YAY!!! xoxox

  3. oh yay! i'm so glad you finally received it.. its just a little thank you for being soo amazing! the layouts you've made me and all the colorful criticize you've given i need to hear it... cause i get all caught up in my own reality and sometimes forget what i'm really trying to do! ah well, enough about that hope you enjoy the package and all its contents!! oh and i should say i do use acrylic paint all the time!! love it & misting use that sometimes.. really like a good color wash! for whever reasons i use more
    "fun" stuff on mini books they tend to be more me and the whole layout thing i'm still trying to find my own style but minis book just come so easy to me i love them! maybe its cause i studied pattern design at school and i see design n 3D but creating layouts i'm truly happy with is a few and far between thing for me.. i mean i stand behind my work but if i ever get anything published i doubt its gong to be my layouts just saying..

  4. *giggle* you are a silly girl Rebekah - layouts are just like mini books, only larger in size! think 3D and you're hunky dory! just transfer the style you use when creating the books and Bob's your uncle. You work magic with the sewing machine and your mini books are just out of this world, but somehow you've got a hang-up as soon as you have to work with a 12 x 12. A very expensive lesson that I've learned the passed 6 months is to ONLY shop items that belong to the same line or producer. I must have given away stash worth well over 500 bucks because I was buying stuff on an impulse. Now I've made heavy investments in absolutely necessary staples and expanded on my stash of combineable papers and embellies. Makes a world of difference I say! less desperate stash raiding and easier scrapping as a result. You'll love your kits from The Nook! Have you studied what Leeann Pearce creates? or Stacey Young? or why not Finnabair? If not, spend some quality time really scrutinizing their pages. I've learned tons. xoxoxox

  5. AH! but they aren't!! i don't have to store a mini book in a little plastic sleeve. i enjoy flipping through 12x12 album that's NOT bulky and awkward!

    if you only use certain brands of supplies - not sure ya'll be able to use anything i just sent you.. i love the eclectic feel of things and sometimes i want a layout with a completely different feel than another layout. some scrapbookers just scrap the same thing over and over with a different picture and that's not very creative - no i prefer different brands and styles. however i can agree with you that i do need to "work on" my 12x12 layouts. one thing i've always wanted to try was stenciling with spray ink - i've mess around with it some but should get into it a little more..

    the "artist" you've mentioned they are all fabulous! i particularly like finnabair but my all time favorite is larissa at "in a scrap of paper" her work to me is genius!

    thanks for keeping me on my toes eila! and i'll do a little more "research" to try and pinpoint just what i like about certain scrapbookers! good idea!

  6. Howdy hi! just a quickie in between doing the laundry and preparing for MIL to come and cat sit our 3 fur balls. We're leaving for our annual trip to London, UK. DH turns 50 on 1 June and wanted us to escape all the humdrum and expectations at home. Been pulling out all the fabbo stuff in the box you sent me, if you have a close look at my next LO for palette #61 at TCR, relased on Friday 3 June, you'll see something I've used from your goodie box .. I'll make sure to mention where it came from :) When you wrote that you don't want to have bulky pages, how does that work with mini-albums that are exactly so?! Jing-Jing Nickel does the most fun, colourful and clean craphic pages without a Prima bloom in sight. She's an absolutely wizz with vibrant and colourful producers such as October Afternoon, Crate etc. I have to recommend a visit to her blog, you'll just die in fits of hysterics when you read her writing. Always totally hilarious stuff. Can only agree with you about Lari, she does exactly what I wrote previously. Lari very cleverly combines and mixes products from specific producers to suit her own style. An eclectic mix for sure, but with an incredibly astute eye and unwavering artistic flair/skill for picking out elements that don't clash. She is indeed one of the titans! Gotta run now, todeloo pip! xxx