May 23, 2011

inner battle

i'm not one to cover up how i feel or masquerade around the misery or loathing i sometimes carry ~ on the other hand if i'm excited then people around me can just tell. i have no type of a poker face and admire those that can carry immense loads on their shoulders and never let off that they are going through a huge struggle. ok getting closer to the point {another "fault"/personality trait of mine is i blab... endlessly! sometimes i hear myself while talking and think "what the heck am i talking about.. shut up!} anyway...

for the past two years this blog has been a {without being to dramatic} driving force for me in developing my own crafting skill by keeping a "journal"/blog about my crafting process and i've enjoyed every minute {well, almost..} meeting new friends and being inspired by others is a huge motivator in my world.. but i've been struggling with something and its about my crafting so i thought it only appropriate to write about it.

when i toil with something i try to masquerade around the truth and make fun or laugh as to avoid what i'm really feeling and i can tell that's now what i'm doing with my crafting... but why? for some time i've wanted to do more with my scrapbook/crafting but what? how? i've been inspired by so many other crafters that started their own business or have a successful etsy shoppes and nothing has worked for me {to date} yet the fact that i want something bigger hasn't changed but grown so what do i do.. and how do i do it? this is my inner battle

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