May 4, 2011

library day for may

In our house Wednesday is library day,

Alex is always so excited, as i pick him up from school, and say "we're going to the library!"
 He loves the non-fiction section (i imagine not every 8 year old can say the same)

on top of that his favorite section is the prehistoric ocean life! (*yawn)

 of course I'm over in the crafting or cook-book section (which to him is murderously boring!) but holds my interests a little longer!
but here lately I've been craving a bit more..

with the interests of some friends and family I've decided to start posting our library book selections the first Wednesday of every month in hopes of making "a cyber book club" - so to speak..

if what we're reading inspires you - join us and pop over to your local library or book store and read along!
oh! and if you do please leave a comment on this post! I'd love to know what you thought about the book(s)!

without further ado these are
  [our] little library Wednesday's
Books for May 
 ironically I've been getting sick a lot lately.. actually i think its the same thing.. that won't go away anyhow i thought this one might be a good read (mostly cause it's such a stretch for me)

 this one is right up my alley! and I'm diving into this one head first with buying the book!
he has some great {and i mean great} recipes in here!

kinda skimming through this one (it gets a little deeper then i was looking for) but has some interesting facts and thoughts about fertility

 these 2 are for personal and non.. my uncle john loves reading about religion so the two of us are reading and discussing as we go.. these are wonderful books so far.

there ya go! those are the books I'm reading.. what are you reading right now?


  1. Carlen2:16 PM

    1. There's a whole section on prehistoric ocean life in the library?
    2. I have The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama that I can't ever really get "into" if you know what I mean. If you'd like it, I'd be more than happy to send it down to Tampa. I have a whole armor full of books I haven't read, I'll try to get a list together for you. I have some really good non-fiction cooking books (Under the Table, Kitchen Confidential) if you want some of those. (Kitchen Confidential was Uncle John's at one point, I believe).

  2. Not much reading being done in our house at the mo. Spent all my evenings putting together my own scrap blog, not a "regular" blog that is though it will be practically impossible for me not to ramble on about this or that between the layouts. Would make me very happy if you want to have a peek at
    xxoooo Eila

  3. carlen that sounds great! i'd love to read "the art of happiness by the dalai lama". if there's something you're done with - and you want to pass it on that's awesome!

  4. Howdy hi! was I ever so happy to see your pretty face on my blog, thanks muchos for the visit and becoming a follower! he he feels kind of weird and you're such a pro at it! good to hear you're getting the scrapping mojo (and time) back, so looking forward to seeing you TCR again or why not Color Combos Galore! take care, xx E