May 6, 2011

the color room

this is what i created using the palette above

the card opens to say:
"Valentines 2011 was the perfect time to have a hair color and make-up "test" for the wedding. Eric took this picture of me in the sunny back yard after having my make-up on for a couple hours to see how it held up. i ended up applying a lot more of everything on the wedding day which was perfect beginning to end!"


  1. Very wise to try out the make-up beforehand, lovely coloured lipstick by the way! Kind of figures you would be a rather colourful bride too, no "shabby pink" - "blushing rose" - or "victorian velvet" there! As I wrote over at TCR, I started chuckling when seeing your layout. Who's froufrou now?! kind of intrigued by the little card/note with "open here", does it have anything written on the back or is it just a red herring? :))

  2. Silly eila! I wrote what's written on the card right above your comment! Not any red herrings here.. Between it being a valentines day and a wedding layout I did want it to be a little more "girlie" but do u think I went a little over the top? I let it sit on my desk for a couple days.. Cause I didn't like the way it was looking but finally gave up - ah well, guess I'm my own worst critic.