May 9, 2011


alterations were fun! although i feel like i should have gotten a bikini wax first!.. she really got personal!!

check this out! 
 pinned up on the sides

 playing hide and seek under my skirt


 as her head was buried in my skirt she would randomly through out these bits of tulle.. it was quite funny

"stand still" ... "don't move" if she told me a dozen times she told me a thousand times.. you'd think i was a 3 year old!

prepping for the bussel

the alterations were perfect when i went to pick up the dress on Feb 15th! yay! she did a great job!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL dress! sits like a glove on your sleek and toned body Mrs Krueger! sooo right of you not to wear a veil, looking forward to seeing what you eventually did to your hair. Looks like you pulled it up and to the side? xx E