December 25, 2011

merry christmas

 christmas is probably my favorite time of year although my birthday is right up there {august} i don't set up a tree for that (thumbs down). i mean what's not to love? the lights, the laughing and spicing every drink
with yummy nog! geez ya can't loose! so here's to all those non-scrooges out there that love this time of year as much as i! hope this day fills you with tons of presents and goodies.. oh ha..hem.. i mean joy and love! :)

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  1. Hi ya! Hope your X-mas was a good one, can see something rather exotic down there at the bottom of this page. Mine was blissfully quiet, have been longing for some quiet un-eventful time for months and now I have almost 3 weeks off from work YAY! We decided to skip our tree this year with Alice and Elsa still having plenty of energy to make a heavy chair move and drag a big rug från one end of the apartment to the other. xoxox