December 23, 2011

santa.. drinking margaritas

margaritas aren't the typical christmas beverage for us.. but then 84degress [even for florida] isn't so typical either! this christmas eve our holiday dinner is a seafood boil

complete with king crab and the largest prawns you've ever seen, mini red skin potatoes and corn.

hope your christmas eve is just as memorable!

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  1. My goodness! just converted the 84F into Celsius! that really IS rather unusal for the time of the year. Ha ha we had about 50F but normally it should have been more of 14F and pleeenty of snow. This year X-mas was sunny with no snow (thank you very much, don't particularly like the eeky stuff). That sure looks utterly SCRUMMY and if you did the cooking, I know for sure it tasted that too! Did you get something really nice from Santa this year? I am going to London in February for work and got myself a top-up of my AmEx card tee hee. Hoping to see Doreen school allowing. Take care! xxxx