April 20, 2010

.22 cent stack & 50% supplies!

when i was shopping for the beads i used on the ladybug costumes i stopped by bead city and got all kinda caught up in the scrapbooking section i didn't even know they had! everything was 50% off and the bazzil paper was .22 cents a sheet!! so i power shopped!! and this is the result...

some supllies... the kind i just can't live without.. 3d dots, glue dots (i use mostly for buttons) glue stick.. my favorite kind glitter glue.. i use soo much of it.. the little stickles bottles don't last nearly long enough! and i new punch! yeah! (you can see my current project in the backgroud.. i'm really excited about it.. but more about that later)

my newly purchased stack of bazzil... and just incase you can't tell how much is there..

it's stacked as high as a prima case of flowers!!
now that's a lot of paper!

assorted into their houses

the colors i use motly.. i'm soo excited about this -
 it's going to be a while before i need to buy 12x12 paper again!

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