April 22, 2010


my latest 12x12 layouts

i was inspired to create this page from a monochromatic themed challenge 

my brother and his wife - joe and macy - (aren't they cute?)

i've always love this photo of my parents... it was time to give it a permanent place to reside

my fiance's nephews trouble and more.. oh! my bad.. its chris a jordon... cuties.. (it runs in the family)

loving the fact that i'm getting some of the photos done that i've had in my picture box for soo long.. it feels good to see them completed..


  1. Ooh, looking good! I've never seen that picture of your parents with the snowman--how cute! And look--there's black and white and a giant pink butterfly on the same page as me. This makes me happy!! Everything looks great, pegalicious. :)

  2. Oh wow, I am lovin' these! I am really trying to go for a "less is more" kind of look, you inspired me now! I love that!
    Have a wonderful week! XoXO