May 9, 2010

tag book

for approximently a year i have been saving tags of off whatever i purchased - to use in a project somehow - i finally decided i was going to make a book (my first thought was on canvas - which i still like the idea of!)
i loved doing this project! and was soo inspired i'm going to save again and create another book using the material girl line from cosmo cricket!

how cute is that book going to be?!
also, i'm going to work up the nerve to have a photo shoot at the mall and add a couple pictures.. like these..

oh! how fun! can't wait to do that.. it will be a fun book!
anyway.. here is the tag mini book i did do! 

its so thick i had to have a large ribbon tie around to keep it together!

without ribbon

love intuitions! what great clothes!

all the little details make the book so fun!

the background is a blue doilie i got vintage shopping..

love this tag! (i colored it in)

cache has been one of my favroites for as long as i can remember!

love their pants!


who doesn't love anthropoligie!

a bunch of leftover tags.. in a hand stitched pocket made of cross-stitching fabric.

i still left quite a few tags out.. but there where soo many to work with.. i can't believe i fit that many in!.. next time i won't wait so long... and with all the ideas i have i can't wait to make my 2nd tag book!


  1. Holy crap, I totally save all my tags too in hopes of one day creating something cool with them! This is amazing. Thanks for the inspiration. I would never have thought of the canvas idea but I might have to give it a try!

  2. awesome! love to see what you come up with! there are some gorgeous tags out there!

  3. :]
    That's why I've saved them!