November 22, 2011

made by hand + thanks

the weekend before thanksgiving Colorful Krafts participated in Tampa's - "Made by Hand" Craft Fair! 

this was my booth
table set-up

journals seem to be the most popular {guess its that time of year}

thanks to everyone that stopped by & purchased something handmade!!

since the craft fair... 

I've completely negated this blog for out of town family and black friday shopping
which made me go in a complete frenzy - cleaning out my closet (for all the new clothes)
scrubbing down the house for all the new pretty handmade {and otherwise} Christmas ornaments{which i'm totally stoked to show you in a later post}
on top of all that craziness - cleaning & christmas decorating brought about a total scrap room re-org, then there were tons of presents to wrap so i played with my new lily green circuit expression making all kinds of x-mas tags. the list of everrything that's been going on is crazy - but i'll get back on top of things soon enough until then what are you doing to prepare for the holidays?

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