November 7, 2011

New New and did i mention New?

lots of new going on around here so get yourself a nice hot cup of coco and settle in cause this post is a doosy! for starters the 1st new is literally just that my FIRST ever craft fair!

 [setting up]

it was an indoor/outdoor affair and my spot was inside and since it was below 70 {hence the sweater} i'm kinda glad i was inside. (i know i know i'm a bit of a woose)

ready to shop!

colorful krafts booth/table

some of the other vendors 

even though i did do quite well there were some tid-bits "leftover"so i updated colorful's etsy site to show some new items that were made just for the kraft fair.

a couple things that sold...

bunny book $60.
it was sad to see it go... but happy that "she" was excited to give this Mellisa Frances bunny baby book a new home!

also found a new home 

this dusty pink vintage kitsch styled headband found a home with a beautiful head of brunette hair

on a side note i changed around some of the prices on some of the "older items" in colorful's etsy site to match what they were at the craft fair - you can check out the etsy site here.

after a long day of kraft fair saturday it was nap time
but sunday was my 2nd NEW thing

i participated in my 1st ever class
the class was at whim so doddle 

how totally cute is this book? the book binding and sewing on grudge paper was the main reasons i took the class - but learn so much on top of that! for sure going to be taking more classes! 
well, i thought the weekend was going to bring an end to all things new.. 
but i was wrong!  (yay)
monday brought the best new thing yet!

what was it you ask? 
can i hear a drum roll?!

 a surprise from!

oh what can it be? 
 some pretty flowers... but such a big box for just flowers...

canada paper pad (perfect since we're planning yet another trip there next spring/summer) 


a new CRICUT EXPRESSION! what what?!

 and it's lily green! you must be ****ing me! i'm so happy

 came with a new 12x12 cutting mat

 manual and CD

 and what!! 2 new cartridges! (i have to change my undies!)

 holy moly! this is to much - its like christmas around here! 

 blade in..

 ready to cut!.. won't be sleeping tonight

 oh mojo.. thank you for being so helpful! what a fuzzy kitty

must say bye to my old cutter.. was it as good for you as it was for me? 

with such a good and NEW streak going on.. what's going to happen tomorrow i wonder?

anything new in your world?


  1. Proud of you. Look at you and your MOM next to your beautiful tables! And in matching grey sweaters too. Y'all make me smile.

    Hi Mojo!

  2. thanks for the sharing i like your blog posting

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  3. HA! thought I recognized the older lady from somewhere and now I read it's your mom of course! You sure have been busy Bekah, too bad the craft fair went so so but there will be new ones coming up. Are you busy trying out your new little electronic baby? "lily green" bet you're happy as a lark with it tee hee! xoxoxo

  4. Wow, you have been busy, your craft fair looked like fun, no, have never done one, the new cricut colour is too cool and hope to hear about those new carts soon, have just received the Disney Classic cart so off to play, take care, Doreen x