June 8, 2011

library day for june

this post is a little late.. but as they say a little late then never! so, here's our june library books (love visiting the library) for june and what we're reading now! 

 ok there is quite a stack.. so i'll list them!

"the starbucks experience" 
if you own a business  i would highly suggest this book!

"zombie felties" 
this was amazing and plan on getting this one again for sure!!

"scrapbook secrets"  
this had a couple hints and tips.. but not my favorite book here...

"wild color" 
all about dying fabric.. one day.. one day

" paperie for inspired living"  
loved this book! great ideas for invitations and card making! 

"embellishing with anything" 
with some application could be used in scraping but was mainly for sewing

" crafty chica's guide to sewing"  
this only had a couple things i was interested in.. 

"felt, fabric and fiber jewelry" 
this was my favorite - by far!! will for sure be getting this again and trying several of the tutorials within if not all

" wishes card confidence program" 
this had some great cards in it.. i'll prob get again.

ok, that's it for my crafts books.. now on to other subjects

 "the count of monte cristo" 
1st - i should admit this is a book on cd - 35 cd's that is!! all 43 hours and 19 mins of it! 
2nd - this is my all time favorite classic story and i've never read this original version!
so its been on my "Read" list for some time and this was perfect timing because with all the scrapping i've been doing - i've just been listening while scrapping and i'm enjoying it SOO much! however, i'm only on disk 15!! and its time to return it... i'm seriously considering keeping it past the deadline.. am i a bad person!?

and other CD, (however this is a live "show" not a book) "the dalai lama live from the beacon theater" 
this CD i didn't listen to while scrapping but while my morning stretches and meditation.. i need to get it again! wonderful!

ok those are the books i've gotten so far.. but there are going to be a lot more this month.. i can feel some serious library ♥ coming on!


  1. Looks like you might be busy, haven't been to the library for ages, looks like I am missing out as I love to read, can't get enough of the stampington and co. stuff at the moment. Thanks for your comment on my blog regarding Cricut, have checked out your suggestions they look like fun, love the machine soooo clever! Your school layouts are adorable, have a good week x

  2. Hi ya! Have a pile of books just waiting for summer hols to come. Like pocket books as I am sloppy reader, spill coffee and scrunch up the pages. Stocked up at Heathrow on our way home a few weeks ago. Remember when Dalai Lama came to Stockholm many years ago, our biggest indoor sports arena was filled up to the rafters with 15000 followers. One of those moments that leaves an imprint on your soul and memory. Had any good scrapping lately? xxx