June 1, 2011

how he proposed.. our engagment mini

 its not an understatement to say i've been working on this album for over a year! yeah i know.. that's pretty bad but i created a whole other album with fabric all by hand and the pictures just weren't working  ~ at all! so i started all over ~  then i dropped all scrapbooking for our DIY wedding and didn't pick it back up until just last week! now completely finished i'm so happy to show off our engagement book on how and where eric proposed 
 don't you just love the way the cover turned out!! its almost my favorite thing of the whole book! these colors are right up my ally!

 inside cover

we stayed in savannah for a small weekend {on the way to paul's [my youngest brother's] graduation at parris island} we stayed in this gorgeous hotel right on the water!

our first meal was at fiddlers - it was fantastic! of course we had seafood! i later found out he had the ring in his pocket the whole time and ended up not proposing at all {he didn't think the timing was right} he's such a cutie.. he was sweating soo bad and kept ordering COLD beer! i was wearing a jacket cause i was so cold! i kept asking.. "are you ok"?

 breakfast was amazing here at the boar's head!! again the wedding ring still in his pocket! hehe

 a little sight seeing and shopping! 

 "to love someone deeply gives you STRENGTH being loved by someone deeply gives you COURAGE" 

 more sightseeing ~ savannah is soo beautiful!

the next morning (ok we didn't get out of bed till almost noon... but ya know) he wanted to take a walk down by the water.. he took these pictures of me.. and told me "you are my beautiful"

 in honor of the Olympics

 the waving lady

 that's where he proposed! the picture on the left i sat down and he knelt on one knee
the picture on the left was taken right after he proposed {our faces are still red... not that we were crying or anything} 

 this huge barge went by as we were talking and walking by.. so we stopped to watch and talk... 

 eating, shopping and celebrating!

 don't you just love ribbon!? 

before we left for parris island.. we had a kiss by the fountain - of course we didn't take a picture {we were a little preoccupied} but it was a movie moment

that's our beginning.. what you think of the mini?


  1. Beautiful story and you did an amazing job on an Album! Wow


  2. oh thank you Yelena! how nice of you to pop over to my side of the world and say such sweet things.

  3. Absolutely no question about it; the cover is superb! It has all the elements of a top rate page, will guaranteed give you lots of comments if/when uploaded! It is very difficult to scrap photos that have A LOT of colour in them, and even more so if the background is very busy. I find converting them into b&w and cropping them, make a world of difference. Also, to choose pics that are really really good rather than go for quantity, also makes scrapping them so much easier. It is more often than not, the photo itself that is the glitch, not the papers. It also depends on how detailed you want to be when telling your story and preserving the memories of something very precious and cherished, only you can decide on that. How about trying the b&w version with the fabric mini you created to start with? xoxoxo

  4. agreed 100% b&w photos are great to work with when using a lot of colorful papers! however, in this case it wasn't so much the color as the shape of the pictures (horizontal vs. vertical) because of the shape i made the book i need more horizontal shots being a 6x12 book long not tall! the colors are however bold somehow seem to be very neutral being mostly blue and grey.. maybe i'll make a post of it just to show it off and ask what type of pictures y'all think i should put in it.. that be fun?