June 6, 2011

ok i admit...

ok i have to admit something, i haven't blogged anything in weeks! even the past couple posts been post dated! (can't believe i just admitted that) i'm behind on everything but i have been "super busy" and am going to try and get y'all up-dated of what i've been up too asap!! 

the first thing i'm going to blame: was our amazing weekend.. out on the water! we took our boat out and what gorgeous weather - got a bit of sun on me super white legs - which was much needed and a couple hot dogs later a good nap in the sun and some fishing we were home again!

next "blame" - my mini book craze! in the past week i've made 5 mini books!! is it possible? i've never made that many in one week!! - but maybe its cause i haven't been blogging or "pining" - ok, ok, settle yourselves i'll share them all with ya! 

also, i'm preparing to throw a craft party and have been doing a couple projects for that too!! 
wanna a sneak peak? ...check this out...

figure it out?? i'll talk about this for sure - what a fun & easy project!

also, i've redone the curtains in our living room and dining room (pics to come) on top of some volunteering at alex's school and a couple odd projects around the house..

but the main thing that's been keeping me from the computer is... self reflection on my personal scrap style - this self check was inspired by some very difficult but loving and honest thoughts from some of you.. you know who you are! i made a post a while back about my "inner battle" and there were a couple responses (thank you by the way - it means a lot to me) so i sat (with ipad in hand) and really thought out what it is about scraping i enjoy, why i do it.. and how i can be better at it.. what i found + what y'all said was nothing short of an enlightenment! very healthy!! and i'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts with y'all. as for now though.. this is just an apology - i'll be on top of things starting asap! 
thanks for all the colorful support! ♥ y'all are what makes my blogging so much fun!


  1. What are you having for brekkie Bekah?! you're practically on fire baby! 5 minibooks whoah!! so looking forward to reading about your crafty party, getting Eric to join in too? he he or he might be the cute dude that serves all the drinks to the hungry ladies ;))

  2. nah! i kicked eric out! he's going fishing that day.. its girls & wine only! :)