June 6, 2011

the new DO

as i told ya in a previous post.. i've got a new do. so here it is...

with pig tails - one of my favorite ways to wear my hair

 curly and up (i made the flower headband in my hair)

straight and down

straight and 1/2 up

hot rolled - with large curlers and using my extensions

hot rolled 1/2 up with extensions (date night)

so, that's the "new me" - what's your favorite way i styled my hair?


  1. Ooooh FINALLY I get to see the new HAIRDO!! YAY! me thinks Mrs Krueger looks really grown-up and lovely in her hair either straight and 1/2 up or entirely straight and down. This is perhaps a golden occasion to leave pig tails to our friend in Vila Villerkulla or whaddya think? ;))

  2. you calling me pippi? hehe that's too funny! can't help it i love me some pigtails! my hair normally parts down the middle and its so easy to do when its soo hot outside + i have so many layers that they won't all stay back in a pony.. so pippi it is!!

  3. Um, so I saw these and when I went back to comment, your blog wouldn't let me see any of your posts, and now I finally found that you have a new blog address. So I can FINALLY comment on your hair!! Yay!!

    I think my fave is when we saw you on Skype--wasn't your hair curly/wavy but with straight bangs? It was super cute. My second fave is the hot rolled look! What does Eric think?

    I love that you took the plunge to bangs!! I'm not so sure about a full on bang for me, but I wanted to try something new, so I went with a side bang and I love it so much!! I can still pin it back if I want. Joe was like "WHY didn't you get side bangs before!!?" hahaha.

    (Okay back to you)
    You're beautiful, Peg!