July 6, 2011

my scrap room

just updated my kraft room page! 
now you can take a sneak peek into my space!
{you'll discover quickly there is SOO much to do - so much for catching up on laundry! }
check out my space here


  1. OMG Rebekah it looks FANTASTIC! It's SO freaking clean and organized! I love that every single little corner is filled with something colorful and fun. It's really coming along! I'm so happy you finally got the rest of the matching bins for the ikea storage shelf. I LOVE your computer table area, its my fave. It looks so comfy and functional!!

    Love all the sweet details. :)

  2. Forgot to mention, I love that you spend the time linking everything to where its from. I'm one of those people who actually click and go look at almost every link!

    Question--do you mind adding a link to Pioneer's facebook page under the miniature Eiffel tower? And can I have your permission to steal the picture of it?

    Where are the pictures of your actual scrapbook desk? Is that where all the mess was piled? ha! We need to talk about maybe featuring each other! I'm thinking of making the switch to blogger (I know finally) so I may be hitting you up for advice! ;)

  3. hehe - glad someone checks out all those crazy links! yeah i'm going to take a better picture of the desk and was going to post joe (pioneer) on that but the tower is a great idea too!! i can do a post on it too if you like!!
    i'd love to talk blogger! maybe if you do make the switch we can help each other along!! i'm sure there is stuff i haven't even discovered!
    thanks for checking it all out macy! there are still a couple things missing like the inside of the tv cabinet and inside the bins but i'll add those pictures later on..
    (after i clean them out!)

  4. Awesome! (Got your comment on my blog, thanks!) Yeah, doing a post on Pioneer would be great! Just showing the stuff he's done personally for you, sharing a link, etc. I'd be happy to feature you in return. :)

    You did great at answering my one million questions, haha. But you did miss one important one--is it okay if I steal your pics of the tower/desk to use on Pioneer's facebook page?

  5. It looks so neat and clean!! Wish I had a working space like that haha!

  6. Wow, Wow, Wow, (LOL I think that's a song!)where do I start, the colours are gorgeous for the storage, looks so clean, organized and crisp, would love to scrap in that room, mine is organized but so small. Love the large bowl for ribbon scraps so need to steal that idea and love the hanging gallery thing. I think I need to decorate this summer, now look what you have started, take care and have a fab weekend x

  7. Hi ya! He he seems IKEA caters for all scrappers around the globe. Know some ladies in Australia who've had exactly those same Expedit units shipped across the continent. Lucky me who's got the world's largest IKEA just around the corner ;)) Have finally got hubbs to warm up to the idea of completely re-doing our tiny spare room so as to give me an itty bitty nook just for me. Your room is just fabulous Bekah! lots and lots and lots of thought and planning gone into getting it so fantastic. I'm such a messy scrapper, takes a nano second for me to flood any space as I like to spread out everything around me. I'm definitely a visual and tactile scrapper. Mozart is such a handsome boy, look at that tail! our girls cause havoc where ever they go, that's why I have to have lids on everything. Your fishbowl would be a true bonanza for them! Echoing Doreen in saying I would love to have a room like yours, have you posted it on Two Peas? they have a special section just for pics of scrap rooms. xoxoxo

  8. eila i'm so jealous you have such a huge ikea! love that store!! and i do mean LOVE - i first discovered in while living in NYC and its been a love affair ever since! yes, we love our mozart! as far as the mess you make while scrapping - i'm the same that's why the room has to be so "organized" time i pull out a project there's no room to work! but i can clean up in 2 minutes flat cause i know where everything goes! this room has taken a LOT of time and thought - and its about time to start "thinking" that much about the rest of the house.. cause it needs love too anyhow thanks to you and doreen for the love!! i do enjoy this room sooo much! OH! and thanks for the tip on two peas.. i didn't know that - going to check it out now!