July 27, 2011

quilted paper

as an interesting texture for a layout i created some "quilted paper" this is how..

square punch, (mine was 1.25) scissors, adhesive ( i used very small pieces of double side tape) sewing machine (optional)
scrap paper:  i used the same color = mixing pattern and solids
backing paper: i needed a 12x12 sheet of paper but you could make an 8x8 or any size really

1. punch out tons of little squares
2. cut in half diagonally
3. layout according to how you want them

3. adhere to backing paper repeating pattern till page is covered

i also created one with paper and fabric 

paper is green // fabric is white

really liked the texture difference this added

completed page (before sewing)

there are 2 ways of sewing these pages.. 

 #1 = straight down the middle of the pattern

 which really brings out the vertical// horizontal border look

 #2 = following the pattern itself

 this way really pops the pattern!

just remember = if you are going to sew = DO NOT sew over adhesive!
now these pages are ready to work with 
they could be used as borders by cutting them up
a whole page by distressing or embellishing.. whatever these pages are used for what great texture!!


  1. OMG Rebekah, such a cool idea, but I seriously would not have the patience, it does look fab though, have sent you an email, have a good weekend x

  2. My goodness Bekah! this sure is a labour of both love and patience as Doreen says! have you been quilting a lot? xoxox