July 11, 2011

one year with my love

 the best thing about this 5x7 mini book is... are you ready for this? 
there is NO adhesive whatsoever holding it together!

 handmade and sewn embellishments add flair and texture!

 and of course those tabs!

 which are made with a round punch - then sewn together

 January tab

 who's your love?

 what would you fill these pages with? 

 your husband, children and family?

 maybe your hobby...

 or your pets?

with so many things to love = i might have to make more!


  1. Love the cover and the tabs, they look really wonderful! the blue fabric heart works really nicely taking down the quite busy pattern a couple of notches and allowing the colours to really show at their best. Makes it easier on the eye and looks really really good! xxx

  2. I like the fact that you haven't used adhesive. Im not a big glue fan as I always worry about it drying out and the whole thing falling apart, so I too try to use a combination of stitching, brads or eyelets. Lovely work.