July 18, 2011

travel journal / vacation

 teresa collins has always been a favorite! her papers just beg to be played with. for this travel journal i actually bought a kit (first kit i've ever bought!) and alas i couldn't follow it to save my life! oh the instructions were super easy.. but i just had so many ideas!!

details.. all the fun stuff that makes working with her lines so much fun! can't get enough of that map and those tabs!

some of the pages  ~ ready to be filled with fantastic travel memories! 

one of the great things about this journal is its so family friendly {not overly girlish} and that makes it even better for a family vacation!


  1. Oh but it does look fantastic Bekah! TC always has fab stuff with a twist, just perfect for your style! xxx

  2. This travel journal looks so cute! great job ;)

  3. This is such a gorgeous range cant wait to see what you come up with, you sound super busy at the moment surprised you have time for anything,tks for all the lovely comments on my blog, make sure you take time for yourself x

  4. Great travel books will be great to see them again when they have all their photos in them.