July 14, 2011

kitschy chic chipboard mini

otherwise known as "US"

felt embellishments make the kitschy seem more chic!!

all the edges are ruffly painted with red acrylic paint for a fun and bright touch!

oh! and of course there is journaling space between each page!

this little mini is just begging for some fun memories!


  1. This is Amazing: so many colors and details!!! WOW!


  2. oh yelena thanks!!

  3. Hi Rebekah, your mini albums are amazing, funny just in the middle of making DD's and five friends little chipboard albums to remember their prom! LOL, thought I would let you know that I have just spent four hours on my Cricut trying to make a Minnie Mouse from layers, the machine nearly ended up in the garden, got the hang of it and pleased with the end result. Looking forward to your Cricut hints and tips when you get time to load them on above tab, take care and have a fantastic weekend. BYEEEEEE

  4. Yup! definitely up your alley and just gorgeous too!! love the red paintwork and the happy vibrant colours and patterns. You pulled this one together truly beautifully! love them felties too! xxxx