February 9, 2011

our bridal party

maid of honor

Kim has been extremely supportive, encouraging, understanding, loving and pretty much everything you could want or need from a friend since day 1! I truly believe I'm a better person for knowing her and lucky even blessed to have her as such a close friend and now.. my maid of honor!

(otherwise known as jimmy the tulip tudeski)
best man
Jimmy is a true best friend, the kind that's sticks around no matter the weather, a great laugh and always has your back. Eric and Jim worked together for 6 years and we were neighbors for 3 years when it came to picking his best man there wasn't another choice.. it was Jim. 

flower Girl

Brennen is the ideal flower girl. First, she's all girl and loves everything girl  including  dressing up Fancy Nancy style! And you can't leave out the fact that's she so stinken adorable! I can't imagine anyone else carrying the flowers down our isle-way! 

 with a group like this who needs a huge bridal party?! 
we love you guys!

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