February 18, 2011

1 month from today

in the struggle of figuring how to post without any pictures i'm left to words only - till i get this sorted out. meanwhile, i want to continue to post and more for my own record then informing ya'll (sorry.. but i do still love each and everyone - maybe a little more those of you who comment - can i say that?)
my plan as of now is to finish up all the wedding posts before and after then have my blog published into a book ~ what i do after that i'm still contemplating but maybe something new and exciting will be in order

so for now i'm going to commence the count down!
yesterday marked
1 month to go
on top of that its a short month! making it 27 days till our wedding!

eric came home from work walked straight to the PS3 (thursday is game night) but before he set up skype with his gaming buddies - yes, they play and skype at the same time.. embarrassing i know - but i guess its equally embarrassing that i do the same with scraping and crafting! anyway the moral of the story is - 
eric said - he was really getting excited!

 and that meant the world to me!

so while he was skyping and gaming i worked on some "last minute" details & projects 
some of which included my cricut!
this is what i did on thursday, february 17th 2011

  • peir 1 - and returned lanterns (decided on a different source of lighting - ya'll have to wait for pictures) 
  • home goods  - bought some new calphalon pans (their pricey but great in the kitchen & we needed a few more some of our older ones were starting to go on the fritz!) also bought a really cool collapsible strainer & the reason i went was a frame for our engagement pictures. i really wanted a collage frame but alas they didn't have the right color or shape of photos for what i needed - so i got a fabulously framed 8x10  to hang on the wall and decided to make a 7 gypsies artist trading card display cause i just love all the pictures and want to be able to flip through them! i'm excited about that project!
  • took engagement CD to print out 8x10 photo 
  • made pork chops, sweet potatoes & a toss salad for desert we had a couple left over chocolate peanut butter cupcakes i made for eric for valentines (his favorite) 
  • my evening projects were cleaning up the scrap room (needed to be done desperately!)
  • making tags (with cricut cartridge sweethearts) for the bridal party's ornaments (will show pictures later)
  • watched American Idol (right now i'm loving the girl that sang - dream on! what a voice!)
  • and the best thing of today was checking out eila's "color room"! she made a scrap page of our engagement photos and wowza i am so honored - its beautiful! check it out here
  • i also did a bunch of "stuff" on the internet including ordering some just for redheads makeup
ok well, that's about my thursday - everyday i'll do my best to post what i've done/am doing and then after the wedding i'll start posting all the pictures to go with all these projects! 

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