February 2, 2011

a couple things

i needed a break from making invitations 
so i took a nice warm and relazing oatmeal bath! 
while in the soothing waters - my mind was racing about all the things that still need to be done .. 
and i'm still working on invitations!

when i got out of the tub i thought it would be helpful to jot down a couple things on my mind while lying in bed that way i would sleep so much better! 

but as i started to write.. the list started to grow and grow and before i knew it - 
this exercise wasn't so helpful anymore.. just overwhelming!

this is the list

shipping cost of invites - UPS vs. USPS
centerpiece arrangements = how to make them
how many flowers per arrangement?
my vs. maid of honor bouquet / different or the same?
maid of honer responsibilities vs. mine or mother's - starting now and on day of
flower girl's dress
bridal shower
bloging = soooo behind
engagement shoot coming up - hair, make-up, attire for eric and me
scrapbook wedding and engagement photos/supplies
mozart going to vet/groomer  - (completely unrelated to wedding.. he just hates both! and i was the lucky one who got to take him!)
teeth whitening 
dr. visit
mini chalk boards
sifting sand for decor purposes
cut table clothes from ordered fabric
bridal party table different?
pick up candles from order - that came in
plan songs with eric for DJ = for ceremony and reception (thank you for the requests for those of you who have suggested songs on our wedding website!)
my make-up
new hair dresser stylist = since mine is out of town for st patty's day (#@*&$#)
manicure and pedicure for engagement shoot & wedding day = pink or white french manicure?
toe ring 
something old & something blue
groom's gift
reception shoes
decide on jewlery
flower for my hair
flowers for flower girl's hair
hand writing all the address for the invites... arg - i dislike my hand writing!
re-hang shell curtain
hang green burlap curtain
paper lanterns vs. tissue pom poms
re-bag suckers
making chocolate shamrock pops
sharpen pencils?
pens to write note to bride and groom or brown/green sharpie?
working out 
work out arms... no flabby arms on wedding day!!
practice first dance
waterproof mascara
take a purse
wedding night plans
wedding night outfit
honeymoon plans/packing
eric's wedding band
weekend at shiela's 
dress fitting on feb 15th 
muffin belly fat... really?
hair extensions? check out online and sally beauty
lots of beauty sleep and don't obsess about the details (kinda like what i'm doing here)
green foam for centerpieces
video camera & videographer
photo or video booth
chair set up at reception - swags & length of chairs in rows
bags for balls
making chair decor

wow - ok now that's quite a list! 
but i have tons of help from both mom's and a great support system from kim my maid of honor.. so i created a new list.. breaking down different "chores" and it became manageable and fun again really fast!
thanks to mom's every sunday help beka day - and the weekend's with shiela this is a no prob list! yay!!

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