February 8, 2011

weekend with sheila - part 2

friday morning didn't start so early... 
but it finally did start to a couple cups of coffee and a bagel.. or 2
after showers and pulling a plan together
we headed for michael's 
and 4.5 hours later..  we started to get hungry
meanwhile.. this is what i got at michael's 

 ok that's quite a bit of small stuff..
most is for the wedding - just detail things here and there 
some are for scrapbooking once i get the wedding photos! 

a bride Tshirt for the bridal shower 
(that we haven't fully planned yet... but hey i have a shirt for it!)
i bought a studded shamrock iron on 

this is after the application 

just the right touch don't ya think?! i love!

i didn't take pictures of the gorgeousness that sheila bought
but basically she got a ton.. and i mean ton of beads!
she's making crystal "shoes" for the bridal party! 
and because she looooves me so much ~ she's making mine out of swarovski crystal!
so we picked our crystals to go with everyone's dress
including mine, the maid of honor, the mother of the bride, and sheila the mother of the groom
we couldn't get beads for eric's step mom and the flower girl 
cause a dress hasn't been purchased yet and i'm not sure of the colors/style

as a basic idea 
here is a set of beaded "shoes" sheila made to for me 
a couple of summers ago 

cute! don't ya think?! 

for lunch we walked over to panera bread 
i had "you pick 2" broccoli and chedder with almond chicken salad sandwich ~ yummy!

after lunch we hopped over to home goods!
.. and stayed there.. until we heard "the store is now closed".. oh no!

this home goods was super cool ~ it was a tj max and home goods combined!
this is some of what i got

 talk about cumfy! love these things!

 love born shoes!.. and these are soo stylish!..

 bright summer shoes are a must in florida!

 these are fabulous! and soo comfortable.. 
i wore them to a superbowl party with jeggings and never took them off!
this is for the wedding.. 
but i guarantee its not going to be used how you think it would be..
this is what it looked like when i bought it

it had red polka dot ribbon..
so i just switched it out for a simple solid green
of course sheila helped me pick them out.. 
there were several styles.. but we agreed this was the one to get! 
don't you agree its fabulous!?
we also got 

 bar towels!

st patrick's day bar towels to boot!
this will be the perfect touch at our open reception bar!

i also purchased a couple other things - that i'm not going to show
they're for the honeymoon you see ~ wink!
oh stop!.. i'm blushing


ok ~ i have to admit i've been writing this post for like 3 days
partly because i'm so super busy, 
partly because there was so much to say 
but moslty because i've reached my max picture storage use!? 
what is that you say? ... cause that's what i said! 

i didn't know i had been storing pictures - well, 
apparently picasa and blogger have hooked up 
so you have to pay for picture storage - bummer! 

  there are a bunch of other things we purchased and 
tons of posts of projects i'd like to post.. 
however, i'm out of picture space! 
so till i figure this number/storage/pain in my rump out
i'll just be writing
super boring i know but it'll have to do for now


till later
peace, love and luck!

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