February 18, 2011

26 days to go

this is the first weekend i haven't any huge plans
with the exception of sunday with mom (which has been an ongoing tradition)
so, i think its the perfect time to relax and play catch up with all the little details i've been letting fall behind. 

with that in mind today started off at 7:30am then i decided that was dump so about 9am i went back to bed! before i know it ~  it was silly late and couldn't believe i was still in bed 
so my day started and this is the somewhat boring details of the beggening of my weekend
  • grapefruit juice and a great workout while watching "while you were sleeping" 
  • lots of laundry (which i'm really excited about having all my bras clean again!
  • steam cleaned the entry way and vacuumed
  • cleaned out the dog & cat dishes
  • blogged (yay) about time!
  • home goods - yes, again! bought some starfish ~ this is the coolest project! can't wait to show you what i do with these babies. its going to be gorgeous! 
  • sally beauty supply for hair extensions - which are going to be gorgeous!
  • picked up my 8x10 picture of our engagement photo -which is now in the frame and it looks great! can't wait to get the others scraped!
  • we also decided on our first dance song (finally!) now the only song we have left to decide on is the bouquet toss of course then there's filling out all the paperwork!
  • oh! i almost forgot i went to micheal's and got 10 wooded dowels & 5 spools of green & ivory ribbon - so i'm gonna get on and start working an this project!

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