February 25, 2011

shamrock pops

to keep this one short and sweet
here's this weeks happenings

mom came over we & worked on 
ceremony chair decor
and my favorite thing of the day - a complete dress rehearsal for me bouquet and all!
eric took me out to dinner and for fun we took the bike! yikes! (i wore a full helmet!)

president's day
eric was off and we slept in 
and i took the 1st "day off"all year!
didn't even get out of bed till noon
then i ignored all the dirty dishes and the spilling over laundry
and played video games and wore jammies
it was fanfreakingtastic!

lots of running around
dry cleaning drop off
grocery shopping
get started on that laundry pile.. yikes!
and a couple other boring things

it was an early release at school 
so basically i worked out then picked up alex
of course it was the premier of ANTM (america's next top model)
which i watched simultaneously with my sister in law while we skyped and talked about it during the commercials - not like we like the show or anything.. :)
after which i immediately tuned over to american idol which i'm totally into this year

3 week's to go today! 
sheila came over and we made shamrock pops
that was soo much fun! they are white chocolate and green swirled
with just a couple solid green for a pop of color 
and we might of had a few ourselves... 
they're going to be a fantastic touch to my very DIY wedding

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