February 20, 2011

nordstums & sex on the beach

today was amazing! mom and i went shopping
and decided we should have lunch right away!
we went to the pub
she had a "pimm" with fish and chips
i had a sex and the city martini with shepherd's pie
it was amazing!
after that it was nordstroms!
where i got these for getting ready the day of 
and wearing here and there just for fun
after visiting several stores mom ended up getting earrings and a bracelt for the wedding 
but we're both still looking for reception shoes
my main prob is i don't want white white or a metallic i'd like a champagne or ivory color maybe some sparkle who knew they would be so hard to find!
any ideas of shoes i should wear for my reception? 

when i got home in the mail there was a single RSVP
which was yet another "you're in luck" answer!
we're now officially over the quest amount i thought would RSVP!
i'm so excited that so many friends and family are taking time on a weekday for our wedding
also got my just for redhead order in the mail!
that was fast!
well, things are really coming along great for the wedding 
and mom is coming over tomorrow for another day of crazy fun time madness! 
so i'm gonna hit the hay early (well, its already after midnight) but tomorrow 
i'm going to start thinking about getting some honeymoon clothes! 
haven't even thought about that! geez!
so i'll send ya a shout out on the morrow

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