February 7, 2011

weekend with sheila - part 1

thursday feb 3rd i drove down to venice florida 
to stay a few days with eric's mother - sheila 
and lordy did we have some serious girl fun / bonding time! i love her! 

soon as i got there
we hopped right back in the car to do some "quick" shopping 
before our weight watchers dinner 
- which john made for us and i'm here to tell ya.. it was great!

this is what we bought thursday afternoon

shamrock tooth picks

 guarder before (wait till you see the after! shazam!)

 2 packages of green lanterns - for the reception

puffy shamrock.. because we couldn't resist

 shamrock lights! hehe..
i'm thinking their a little corny.. but how great would they be somewhere around the DJ table
we got a couple boxes

ok.. and i got a little carried away at big lots with the scrapbooking stuff!

 what can i say?!

they had some fab deals!!

but before i knew it... it was time for dinner

the rest of the night we hung out, gabbed
and got so sleep somewhere i think early friday morning!

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