September 7, 2011

layout of the week

continuing with our honeymoon layouts these are the last red rock canyon layouts 
check out the others starting here 

 this layout didn't turnout quite the way i intended but i do love these pictures (top right is my fav) so i've tossed about the idea of redoing it completely - maybe i shouldn't have been watching "project runway" while scrapbooking! anyhow, as it stand this is eric's layout

and this is my favorite of the red rock series

 a panoramic view - just stunning
don't see anything like this in florida that's for sure!

hand rolled some flowers of of silk and old T-shirts

put a button on the top one and a couple hat pins with a swirly polka dot thing - don't you love it?! 

not sure just where i got this round wood chip but it worked just perfectly to indicate the month of march!
thanks for checking it out!


  1. WANT WANT WANT to have some of those rolled up blooms - they are D-E-L-I-S-H!!! where can I buy them?! *wink* so cool with the two-pager of photos! we of course haven't got those red rock mountains or any canyons worth mentioning, but we've got plenty of Mother Nature. xxxx

  2. Love your pics stunning layout.