September 14, 2011

Layout of the Week

this week's layout is another double page layout of our honeymoon album i'm working on. the last several have been on red rock canyon but this next one is all about our adventures at the Peppermill Cafe and lounge. wow this food was down home cooking good! you ever make it to Vegas set some time aside and get a massive omelet and bloody mary its worth the 1hour reservation wait so worth it - we went back twice!  here's our time at the Peppermill! 

{left page}
the top left collage picture {in the hand-cut yellow frame} was from one of those guys that walk around and ask to take your picture and you always say no - ya know like at Disney - anyway we actually said yes this time and for staying up till 6am the night before (hey it was our honeymoon..) we looked pretty good!

{right page}
the large picture in the black frame was actually part of a folder with the Vegas night scape being the front cover of the folder - so i cut the folder in 2 and have the front cover on the left page and the picture on the right (its actually the same picture as in the yellow frame but since its a lot bigger it looks a little different.
can't leave out the handsome picture of eric & oh so large pint size bloody mary! i took that picture.. while waiting for food.
{double page layout}
the bloomers, hand-cut frames and die-cuts {which i just think are to fabulous!} and all the bakers twine i'm real happy with this double page layout

right here i just threaded the twine {with a very large needle} through the button and tied in a bow
i'm trying to keep this book real simple and clean with all the busy Vegas pictures and retro fun papers i think the design should stay clean - so just a few accents like this tip it over to the ♥cute scale fast! :)

the happy {and slightly hungover} couple
love the bloomers and flower chip framing our picture and the 2 for 20 cents sign pointing to the bloody mary i thought was to funny - it was more like 1 for $20!! hehe


  1. This post makes me hungry. Love the new banner!

  2. Loooove that fish tank of Bloody Mary tee hee! and yupp! you sure look hung-over ;)))Mighty yummie breakfast by the look of that pic, what did you get? xxxx

  3. thanks macy!
    at eila: yes, that fish tank of bloody mary was amazing! not even a bloody mary kinda girl - eric ordered one first and of course i had to taste his then ordered one of my own - yum! this was actually a lunch plate pastrami on rye and onion rings - it was really good!