September 21, 2011

Layout of the Week

yay for more honeymoon layouts! this is another from the peppermill cafe we just kept going back for their fanfreakingtastic bloodymary's!

of course this time i was prepared and stowed away the most awesome napkins ever!.. arn't they fab?! 

a couple die-cut tags tucked away behind the picture of the interior of the cafe - with all their neon lights

gosh with handwriting like this i could have been a doctor! - so just in case you can't read my very smart writing... this is what the tag says: 
"what great memories food & dining at the peppermill restaurant finding coffee and more just lead me through their front door!"

and the 2nd die tag is a little check list - 

ok that's it for today - i'll see you friday for the most exciting etsy update so far! here's a little sneak peak


  1. Oh forgot to say that your new banner looks awesome!! really really like it!
    You mean those cute hibiscus adorned squares are actually their napkins? wow! that's really so neat. Bloody Mary huh? I'm more of a Frozen Strawberry Margarita kind of gal, want them umbrellas and deceptive sweetness. xoxoxo

  2. oh eila thanks so much! i've worked really hard on that new banner - pictured it a little differently but turned out i think better than i could have imagined! kitschy with a colorful twist! yes - those are the napkins! arn't they amazing - just had to scrap them puppies! you're too funny we love our margaritas in the summer by the pool eric makes a mean frozen one! my favorite is classic on the rocks no salt. - now we're talking! this was actually the first time i really liked a bloody mary and i think why i made such a big deal about liking it - cause i never had before.. so it must have been an amazing one!