September 9, 2011

art journaling thoughts

if you could only see my craft room - oh my! there are stacks and stacks of "projects" going on everywhere
so much so i opened up an extra 6' folding table to have more "spread out" space! 

on top of getting my etsy shoppe up and creating new ideas, i've sheduled my first craft fair in november! so i'm now doubling up on all kinds of pre-made product of which i will {of course} be showing you guys - when i can manage to clean this room up to take some decent pictures to upload! 

anywho, i have a point in all this rambling just stick with me here... one of the personal projects i've been working on is an art journal of my life 

 {inspirational pictures for my art journal - pics from pinterest} 

in talking with a friend today i came up with something else i wanted to add and was so inspired i wanted to share it with you guys - after all we are all in different places in our lives and sometimes a deep thought provoking moment is a healthy thing! secret blogging spoiler alert.. normally i make my post ahead of time and schedule their posting date but i was so inspired by our conversation i'm going to publish right away! {don't you feel special?}
ok, now that i've got your attention..  here goes. we were talking about self confidence, aligning one's life around the positive, being focused and successful  and most of all - love yourself for who you are and knowing what you want and need from your life. deep right? i thought so.. but also beautiful. at the core of all of us is something that wants to be heard, acknowledged and then respected for who you/we are as individuals!  -"i was born this way!"

the "wisdom" i walked away with - is we see the world through only our own eyes and perspective (after-all that's all we know) - so what's my perspective say? who am i? and what do i love about myself that others can emulate and what do i see in others that i want to emulate? this is what i came up with for my art journal...

10 things i love about myself
1. my naturally curly red hair - which back in the day got a lot of teasing.. but let me tell ya - now it gets almost daily complements from complete strangers!

2. my self confidence (no matter what i know i'm a pretty stinking cool person!)

3. my perspective on things - always been a bit of an optimist

4. my creative eye  - in my head i'm always making something from absolutely nothing!

5. empathy - for others, animals.. i want other people to be happy (all the time!)

6. determination - when i was little my mother used to say "girl you can do anything you want - cause when you put your mind to something.. it gets done!"

7. my diverse abilities - i've dabbled in just about everything. maybe that's the true artist in me always wanting to learn and do more - i like to think i can do just about anything

8. open mindedness - not that i understand the decisions others make or the lifestyle they choose but i like to think no matter where others are in their life or what their beliefs that makes them who they are and i like people to be all a little different {after-all how boring would it be if we were all the same!)

9. my imagination- its silly just like the song says.. but i love to think sometimes.. everything is rainbows and unicorns with polka dot grass and gold foil trees.. can i help it that i love that about myself.. i think not!

10. i make friends so easily - i'm not afraid of a stranger or a crowd, its not intimidating cause the saying "picture them naked" means a little more then clothes.. deep down we all have something in our closet and we just want to be loved in-spite of it.. so i'm here to say "hi" my name is rebekah and i love that junk in your trunk!  

5 people i've most respected in my life. 

#1. my husband - he's the most beautiful soul i've ever known {not to mention pretty dang hot on the outside} he's patient beyond comprehension {which makes him the best father ever!} and giving to almost a fault

#2. Buddha - do i really need to explain this? every quote, meditation inspires to live - and i love that!

#3. my mother - she never gives up on the good of anyone!

#4. kim {closest friend & maid of honor at my wedding} - what a beautiful person inside and out! she's the best listener and even when things are down for herself she's can smile and be truly happy about the good in others lives. she's always striving to be the best person both personally and professionally pushing herself to be better and i love that she's never complacent but strives for a better tomorrow - just being her friend makes me want to be a better women, person and friend. 

#5. don knots - ok, now this one is probably going to surprise a bunch of people... unless you've known me for literally forever! don knots is someone i've loved since the first film i watched of his. first off he's funny and it didnt' matter how much he stood out he was unique and although sometimes his characters would try to blend in.. it made the matter even funnier - and in my life that's how i feel when i pretend to be someone else - its funny - cause i'm not. i'm me and i like me.

what are the 10 things you love most about yourself? 
and who are the people you most respect? 
love to hear what you have to say - if you do a post about back in the comments below!

thanks for taking a few minutes to listening to all my meanderings.. 


  1. OMG you have been super busy and lots of deep thinking going on, love the project, have a great weekend take care Doreen x

  2. WOW, this looks spectacular.