September 23, 2011

Exciting Etsy Update

oh my there is so much to show you i'm super excited about what's going on over at the Colorful Kraft's etsy site! this past week we had a photo shoot for a new item that's making its debut over on the site now! check it out HERE 
without further ado - this was our our photo shoot for these babies! 

fun right?!
here's the shoot

 warm & colorful yellow (might be my favorite)

Colorful Kraft's labeling/tag using kraft paper and branding sticker pinned on with a simple finding. this is how the headband will ship - of course its also bagged and boxed

Cool colorful Blue - would pretty much go with 80%  of all clothes i'm sure if it! after all don't we all wear jeans at least 80% of the time!

 by the way this is my sister in law (Nik) isn't she beautiful? love her gorgeous - oh so natural hair!

 ok i have to admit something - i made one extra each of the warm yellow and cool blue for myself cause i just l♥ve them so much.. you? 

this headband hits a more vintage vibe with its one of a kind styling and retro red lace banding and double flower which totally come off the band and can be clipped in your hair by its fancy lonesome or on a lapel or scarf! how fancy is that? - you could retro up anything! 

 ready for your personal touch - you ♥? of course you do! 

 this 1930's vintage broach set this headband apart from any other!

 again the flower totally comes off and can be pinned on anything - for a little vintage flair! i'm totally in l♥ve with this broach and flower headband - wish i had 2 of them so i could have one for myself - it would be perfect for anything worn this fall with all the holiday festivities coming up - this is sooo the missing element your fall wardrobe needs! 

 close up of the beautiful chocolate & golden 1930's flower center and headband 
 beginning to think yellow is my color - and with red lips (from what i understand is totally in for the fall) this is just the pop of color needed!  with vintage yellow edging ribbon burlap and pleated muslin this one is over the top picnic ready!
 just the band - no flower

just the flower - for those office kinda days that need a little extra spice!

just love all the colors the vintage broach flower center picks up in the light! 
 dusty pink = date night pizazz! this soft velvet headband speaks simplicity and romance

 with a vintage earring as the flower center its just enough bling to make even a bad-hair-day jazzy!

so which is your favorite? - And don't forget to check out the rest of the photos over at Colorful Kraft's Etsy Shoppe!

thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  1. Ooooh how pretty you are with your hair pulled back and up like that!! I spy some yellow eye shadow too, cool :)) I've said it so many times before; you and fabric is a match made in heaven! something really magical happens when you put your delicate little hands into fabric. I A-D-O-R-E all of the headbands but if you put a gun to my head, I might just might, have to choose the dusty pink one and the one with cool colourful blue felt blooms. I am dead sure you could sell the blooms on their own too. Your Etsy shop is starting look really really professional, splendid job Bekah! Have an absolutely fabbo weekend sweetie! xoxoxo

  2. Wow, you have been busy, these headbands are adorable, they look very professional, good luck with them take care Doreen x