September 19, 2011

Macy Monday

MM is super special this week - not only is it a double page layout but its of macy's childhood pet and best friend gypsy. when she gave me all her 308,976,832 pictures to scrap these little pictures were in a ziploc baggie with a single post-it note stating "please use as many of these as possible!"so not to disappoint here is one loaded layout!

{sorry about the picture quality}

to start off the thing you have to understand about these pictures are.. they were in terrible condition. she had been storing them in one of those old fashion sticky scrapbooks ya know the kind you lift the clear sheet and stick down your cut up picture and stickers and call it a scrapbook - right! so all the 8 round pictures on the side were so cut up i reconfigured, styled and thought and thought about what to do - when i finally realized they all had a common +! i could punch them!! so boom bang and there ya go that cleaned them up really fast the 6 main pictures were the ones that were still in some kind of shape {some i double backed with cardstock} and there are 2 in such bad shape i hid them in the purple pocket - behind the top left picture - mostly to help keep them safe but i wanted to keep them all be together and lets face it - there was no way i could work them into the design. 

{left page}
the paper is s.e.i. and i had been saving it for ages to make "something" with and of all the 1000 million different papers i thought would be just perfect for this gypsy layout none of them were doing it.. i didn't want dog paper and all the black and white (just like gypsy) paper was to dark and gloomy.. no i wanted something bright, cheery that would give her (macy) the same feeling gypsy gave her. another reason - purple is her favorite color! this paper was the winner and ♥ the way it makes the pictures light up! 

{right page}
 the title chip board is covered in solid green cardstock but the chip itself i bought at Big Lots for $4 a huge stack of 12x12 chip with tons of alphas - this layout called for a huge title and these were perfect! 

 the whimsical flowers i'm in ♥ with! i cut them from the cardstock and used the leaves of about 4 different flowers to create a long steam 

macy i hope this page brings you warm fuzzy memories! cause i just fuv it..


  1. It's so fun and colorful! I am tearing up remembering my pretty puppy, thank you so much for preserving the memories. :) I'm happy that even though the photos are badly damaged, I have scans of them on my computer. I like that there's a hidden pocket with more pictures.

  2. Awwww this is really so precious Rebekah! what a cute darling puppy. So happy to read that Macy loves how you have preserved the memories. Clever thinking to punch the pics, everything really does look wonderfully bright and cheery!

  3. macy yes, i'm glad you took the time to scan them before i scrapped them all! and the hidden pictures will be fun for those times you sit down and really look through the book remembering gypsy

  4. thanks eila! macy has been wonderful about really letting me do what i think is best for her photos - but her being my sis (N-law) and all i know pretty well what she likes.. so all works out in the end!