September 30, 2011

Etsy Update

i've tried everything.. the random post-it-notes and lists, "daytimers", huge calendars on the wall/desk an ipad but nothing works for my like a good old fashioned art journal/calendar/schedule planner/all of the above! this is my 2011 fall planner and it keeps my on-time and up-to-date with all my everything's.. check it out

tabs show the month - for easy search and notation 

fun embellishments speak to me.. i love the colorful misting chipboard and this special geometric graph paper i made
the vintage lace is to amazing for huge POPs of color! looks very Novogratz to me.. don't you think they would carry a book like this to keep their 7 kids and design biz straight??

view from the top + all those colorful pages = yummy! 
solid colorful divider pages with tabs 

the weekly template for the not so busy person.. it could be done by month or day.. but i like seeing the whole week..
week tabs by date - this is engineers graph paper i printed out

regular graph paper - so i can design layouts on the go, make random notes about projects or ideas

geometrical graph paper hinges = ♥ 

back cover 

what about you what do you use to plan your everyday? think this is something i should add to my etsy shoppe?.. would you be interested in a colorful planner? 

thanks for checking it out!

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