August 10, 2011

layout of the week

this week my layout is part of our honeymoon book
  • our honeymoon book/album consist of approximately 41 layouts - {which i will insert into a 12x12 - 3 ring binder}
  • the overall feeling is "retro Vegas - fun & romantic" 
the 2 paper collections i found to help create this feeling are 
{the 2 are made for each other}
and i now own enough paper and embellishments to create a whole 12x12 book using those 2 collections!

so, without further ado i give you my first honeymoon layout..  
Red Rock Canyon

(oh sorry about the fuzzy bad pictures.. its been uber icky outside and so there's not much natural lighting)

while in Vegas {for our honeymoon} we had a rental car and one of our favorite excursions was to red rock canyon we took more pictures there then anywhere else!

the left page of this double page layout is a huge pocket holding the red rock canyon flyer

a picture of the flyer out of the pocket

the top left corner of the left page has a folded back corner exposing the pretty chip flower hiding behind - that was my feeling of the whole canyon.. everywhere you look there was something else hiding to look at it was breathtakingly beautiful!

the right page is a 5x7 picture of myself standing at the entrance rock to the canyon
below the picture is a couple leftover white bloomers leftover from our wedding invitations i made and to the left is a mini calendar of the date we visited the canyon

the bold and colorful ripped back edges are part of the whole "fun" fibe i'm giving the book 

the bling is a must symbolizing not only my diamond that now sits on my left finger but the whole bling of Vegas!
all and all this was a hugely memorable day!

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  1. My gosh Bekah - 41 pages! that's really a labour of love to be proud of! This is such a neat clean and crisp page with lots of little meaningful details such as the bling, the white wedding bloom leftovers and the chippie flower. I really like the ripped and folded edges. The papers are also perfect for your honeymoon book! xxxx