August 24, 2011

layout of the week

today's is another honeymoon layout
to see last week's go here 
Left page
the Nevada and NV brads i got at the museum

Right page
the font was cut using "opposites attract" cricut cart

 both pages together 
(sorry the photo is sooo bad!)

the kraft paper pockets were handmade using the shopping bag from from the museum

bottle cap details

its really simple - but love the way it turned out!



    Well, these are wonderful. I am heading back to school next week after a fabulous summer of crafting, reading and writing. There just isn't enough time to create the art you want to but when you do make it, it makes you so happy! This is wonderful. And you are a pianist? Thank you for visiting Clair de Lune; that is a special piece that will forever be in my soul.

    Have a wonderful WEEK!! Anita


    WOw, you played at an early age, the piano! I did not start playing the harp until...ehem.......I was 42!!!!! AND....I didn't start learning French until I was 34 and I am fully licensed, fluent and I teach math and science in French! SO NOTHING is impossible...well, most nothing!!!! BRAVO FOR YOU!!! Oh that Clair de Lune brings back memories that never ever fade. Art and music and WORDS do that to ya....

    Have a fabulous day! Anita

  3. Gorgeous layout of your honeymoon, love the brads, so cool. Would love to take part in the Halloween blog hop but will have to confirm nearer the time as it all depends on my university work load at the time, should be okay, thanks for asking me again, I enjoyed the last one, it was fun, take care, Doreen x

  4. Howdy hi! just read your email question, will reply to your private email *wink wink* Love the bottle caps, so pretty! and what a great idea re-cycling the shopping bag! xoxoxo