August 8, 2011

macy monday layout

a while back my sister in law {macy} asked me to create a childhood scrapbook album for her.  
after she gave me the pictures a devastating twister torn through her parents home in Oklahoma and everything was lost including all her pictures excluding the ones she had given me to scrap for her. 
now the only pictures she has left of her childhood are the few i have! so, i'm dedicating mondays to macy! 
here is the first layout

macy's first garden

using DCWV paper pack "songbird"i cut out the tree, bird, birdhouse, frame  & clouds from different papers

love the way it turned out!!


  1. Hi, how adorable is that, love the trims on the tree, so cute, OMG can't imagine losing everything, your album will be so treasured. Looked at the cricut post, what is the Summer in Paris cart like, have admired that one, not sure if I should get it, what do you think? Sooo looking forward to blog hop Yeeehhhh, have completed all my layouts/projects today just adding the finishing touches then off to photograph if the sun is out, quick question, do I upload first layout on Thursday, therfore should I post about it tomorrow, to let people know? x

  2. LOL, it's ok have just checked your calendar, we are posting Thursday, you can tell this is my first time! x

  3. Oh wow, Macy Monday-- how fun!!! I'm gonna have to gush over every single one, you know that, right?! I can't help it. This is perfect--the colors all make me happy. The clouds are my favorite!

    Luckily, I think you have most of what I had of my own childhood pictures anyway! It was my siblings who still live at home (and are adopted) that lost every last picture of their childhoods--so the few pictures I had of them (that you now have) are especially precious to my entire family!

    I seriously can never thank you enough for doing this!!

  4. Oh NO what a horrendous thing to happen! losing ones photos must be the worst thing ever, so fortunate you had her pics in your house instead! and how utterly sweet to have Macy Mondays! the page is just so whimsical and adorable, totally love the tree and the bird house with its stapled ribbon. Just so pretty Rebekah!! xoxoxo