April 15, 2011

making the invitations

making our wedding invitations wasn't even a decision - i had too! being such an intimate part of the wedding detail and planning wasn't an easy task but it was worth every moment!

the first step was designing them
that wasn't easy.. i went through about 4 prototypes
all very differant
then it hit me.. 
the reason i was making these invites was
1. i love to scrap
2. its our wedding and no-one could make it more us then... well us
so what is my favorite thing to scrap?
answer: mini books!
that's when it hit me and i knew i had to make everyone there own mini book invatation

here's making our wedding mini book invites
each page had to be typed, cut to exact size then stacked by page number
there were a total of 6 pages + a front and backing
also, every page had a vellum "cover sheet"
so there was a total of 14 pages

mom opened all the packages and assembled the white roses & shamrocks

page 1.

getting them all in order
the bright green is the backing


books ready to be assembled together

we wanted to make them humorous
so mom & i sat down with a strong glass and came up with this
it took an entire afternoon - but it was a blast!

my desk in the middle of the whole project
- oh yeah.. i knew where everything was! -

the finished invitation
the front cover is 4x4 acrylic which i rounded the outside corners
and the first 3 pages are a waterfall to make the book lighter, and easier to turn the pages + it looks better! 

once completed each mini book invite was wrapped in a silk blend chiffon
which was all hand cut (all 52" x 4 yards of it) by mom!
go mom!

mom was such an amazing life-saver/support with the whole wedding process!
here she's helping me stuff all the envelopes and addressing them all.... by hand!

there were 2 envelopes
the ivory "shell" with the quest's name on it
which was inserted into...

this not so pretty patted yellow envelope
it needed the extra protection - to insure it's safe arrival to each quests home

but before they were inserted into the patted envelope
each ivory envelope was sealed with a gold waxed heart

i didn't have the right glue gun - and instead of running out to wal-mart at 2am
i just watched a couple movies and did each one...
by hand

it was acctually relaxing! no measuring, no counting... just pressing the heart

almost every RSVP i received back said how much they loved them... and i have to admit i was pretty proud of them myself! after all the whole process took about 4 weeks!

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  1. And boy were they worth all the trouble, love and attention to detail!! I still have mine in the study where I see it every single day when I sit by the computer, just like I do now. Gosh, no wonder it took you 4 weeks to complete! Absolutely go mum, go! xxoo