April 6, 2011

mystery box revealed

the best thing about blogging by far as been meeting and being inspired by all the other wonderfully creative people out there but over the past several months (maybe close to a year) there is one such scrapbooker from Sweden that has me all in a whirl - yes, the mystery box was from Eila and this is what she sent me 

... the most gorgeous layouts i've ever seen.... she scrapped our engagement pictures! 
what a beautiful job (as you can see) i've given them prim real estate in the scraproom until i get frames - the intention is to hang them throughout the house - i'll show ya'll again when there at their permanent  home

thank you again eila for the generosity - i love them!!


  1. Rebekah!!! It is so great to hear from you. And congratulations on your wedding! Your wedding picture is so beautiful!!!! You look gorgeous! I'm so happy for you!
    Well, we never made it to FL. We bought a new home in TX (another town) and just moved in a month ago. When my hubby retires in 8 years, we may try to relocate to FL then. We'll see. In the meantime, how are you enjoying married life? xOxO

  2. Look at the two of you there on the beach! talk about D-R-E-A-M-Y!! now I insist on seeing close-ups too!! I gather you went to Vegas for some continued umpf and glitz. Aren't you a darling Mrs Krueger, how sweet of you to post the LOs on your blog! xxoooo from the arctic stalker *giggle*

  3. @ deb - how am I enjoying married life u ask? I've never been happier life is bliss cause I literally have the perfect man! And wowzza is he a looker! How did I get so lucky?! I'm thinking of doing a scrap booking convention - have u been? Interested in meeting up at one? That would be fun ah?
    @ eila - there will be more wedding pics then You'll want to see... Trust me! I'm showing you guys wether u want to see them or not! Keep checking the blog out cause In the next week I'm posting about the whole process of making the invitations... That will be a fun post!!! Then there's the centerpieces and so on... Working up too picking out the wedding dress and the final professional shots - that I have yet to see myself! Then I'll have to start scraping all these pics! Now that's going to be fun!