April 22, 2011

ribbons on a stick

as the rsvp's for the wedding came poring in.. the increasing number of children to be attending was growing.. rapidly!
so, i put my thinking cap on and came up with ribbions on a stick - perfect for sword fighting or pocking ones eye out!.. yes, this would be the perfect thing! hehe.. 

this is the process of how i made the ever so gracious and lethal ribbons on a stick 

bought 1/4" dowels
put them in this here box

and spray painted them gold

rotated them and painted again
and repeated this process a couple times
 till a good gold coat was applied
thanks to macy for the gold paint (lub)

make sure they fit in the bucket for a resting place till the children grab em' at the reception

then took them 1 by 1 and tied ribbons on (with a double knot) 

huge success!

the flower girl (brennan) loved hers

and her mischievous little brother..
isn't he a cutie?!

luckily no one's eye was poked out!!
only ribbon fun was to be had!

thanks to erica (flower girls mother) for the snap shots she took of the kids!

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