April 27, 2011

maid of honor gift

my maid of honor kim deserved an amazing gift 
for starters she flew across the country just for me!

one thing i know for sure about kim is she doesn't splurge very often and by often i mean never! so i wanted to get something for her she would never get for herself but make sure she was still comfortable "owning it"

several things came to mind - but the only one that really stuck was a poppy colored kate spade bag

kim -  hope you love it and every time you carry it know that someone loves you!

1 comment:

  1. Crikey Bekah, could I have some of that love too please!! that is one GORGEOUS handbag!! your maid of honour must have swooned when she saw it. Sure you didn't buy a second one that said "Bekah" on it?! :)))